To my friends who think this is just a zombie show…

Oh my goodness….I thought i was the only on that couldn’t contain my excitement


In the last few moments of tonight’s (Sunday 21st February 2016) episode of the only show that’s currently appointment TV for me (though American Crime is trying to shoulder its way in there of late), I found myself covering my eyes, screaming, and bouncing up and down. No this wasn’t in reaction to a zombie kill or a favourite character getting his face eaten off by a zombie. This was in reaction to Rick, the show’s hero and sometimes anti-hero, and badass katana wielder Michonne finally…kissing…just that.


You’d get it if you understood how much of a slow build it has been. A slow, excrutiating build that finally had me screaming Yes! like I was getting some (sadly) when it finally came to pass.

Back Story

Rick and Michonne live in a post apocalyptic world (or the part of the world that is America and specifically the backroads of rural America)…

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