Congrats Shanice, I know you’ll go above and beyond in this position

Preston Media News

Shanice ‘Secret’ Paul says she is “humbled and honoured” to be the first female to be appointed Domestic Affairs Chairperson for Preston.

The position, which was previously held by Oshane ‘Boxer’ Panton and currently Collin ‘Draco Malfoy’ Smith-Brooks, has only been in existence for 3 years. Paul, who was appointed last week, says she feels she has made a historical mark on Preston.

This is a learning experience for me and I hope to lead a very enthusiastic team in carrying out the duties under this portfolio as I cannot do this alone. The full support of my team members is critical”. She says.

Paul, who was born in Antigua and Barbuda,says her experience in this field is “minimal” but she is hardworking, proactive, and dedicated to her duties. Paul will be responsible for keeping account of inventory and equipment of the Hall…

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