There is not a lie within this poem. What Kaeiron has captured shows the “Auntie” that every village has, each unique in their own way. This has made me very nostalgic.

Wadadli Pen

Saunders cropped

Saunders, a 23-year-old Biology teacher and lab technician in the Advanced Level Department of St. Anthony’s Secondary School, says, “(I’m) fascinated by interesting people, new places and written things. Creative at heart, student of science in mind.”

Judges’ Verdict: “Great piece!”

They adjudged it 1st in the 18 to 35 age category, and 1st overall in the 2017 Wadadli Pen Annual Writing Challenge.


“Not another island story, Auntie
I’ve heard it all before”
But every year, around this time
Auntie Gah would add more.

Gabriella was her Christian name
Affectionately called “Gah-Gah” for short
Telling stories, her favourite pastime
Making me listen, her sport

I suspected she was really my mother
She must have witnessed my birth
The details she knew about me
Were things that could not be learnt

Every story began the same way
With a throwback to the past
A tale about the good ole days
And how…

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